Simulator Features

  • Mobile robots simulator including :
    • Car-like vehicle
    • Differencial robots
  • Robotic sensors simulation :
    • LIDAR (mono or multi layers rotating laser range finder)
    • Cameras (pin-hole, fish-eye, omnidirectional)
    • GPS
    • Robot odometry
  • Real-time 3D rendering engine using mgEngine mgengine.sourceforge.net.
  • Real-time physics engine using the Bullet Physics library www.bulletphysics.com
  • Interface with the ROS middleware www.ros.org
  • Scene management using integrated scripting language “Lua” www.lua.org


Here are the information about the photos gallery above :

Photo Name Description
fisheye-omnicamera0.png 3D Fish-eye and OmniCam simulation
fisheye-omnicamera1.png 3D Fish-eye and OmniCam simulation
roboticHall.png Simulation of a robotic wheelchair
screenshot02.pngView of the 3D Cycab simulator with parked cars
screenshot03.pngView of the Sick range finder simulator
screenshot00.pngView of the 3D Cycab simulator
screenshot01.pngView of the 3D Cycab simulator
screenshot_pavin.pngView of the 3D simulator in the “Pavin” environment
aero2.jpegAirport environment with pedestrians


Click on image to see a video (MPEG4 format) of the simulator with physics simulation
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