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This page concerns developer of Cycabtk project.


Since 17 Sep. 2010, Cycabtk simulator has changed. It depends on mgengine R2 version and it handles a physical engine through bullet physics library v.2.76.
  • For mgengine, you should install the software following these instructions, knowing that you must get the tagged module R2 version. You can also get these source files directly at Cycabtk Gforge “Files” tab, see mgengine-R2. For those you are using a Ubuntu 10.04 distribution, you can get the .deb related files at Cycabtk Gforge “Files” tab, see mgengine-R2.
Beware in config-gcc.mak file. You may need to change the variable related to OSDFONT and set it to a .ttf font.
  • For bullet, you need to compile source files for version 2.76. See this link to retrieve the sources those you are using a Ubuntu 10.04 distribution, you can get the .deb related file at Cycabtk Gforge “Files” tab, see bullet.
Beware in CMakeList.txt, you may need to change the way the library is produced, otherwise you will get a libbullet.a library instead of a file, and it may cause pb for Cycabtk compilation.
  • For the Cycab Toolkit sources, you get them from trunk SVN repository,
    • Check the README file for more up-to-date compilations instructions.

Post-install settings

After the installation, you should execute those scripts:

  •, installed by cycabtk-hugrwebplugins package.
    • This script installs a file the directory given below that indicates the paths to the hugrweb plugins.


debian: apt-get install libavahi-client-dev
  • The boost library (serialization, asio, program-options, system)
debian: apt-get install libboost-dev(+boost-serialization boost-program-options boost-asio boost-iostreams boost-system)
debian: apt-get install cmake
debian: apt-get install python
debian: apt-get install libcvaux-dev libhighgui-dev
 debian: apt-get install libqt4-dev
debian: apt-get install libsigc++-2.0-dev
debian: apt-get install libxml2-dev
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