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Getting started

Launching the simulator interface

The 3D actors manipulated through the 3D engine, mgengine, communicate with the other applications (for example, ManualDriving) through Hugr.

So you need to launch the Hugr store (shared memory manager service) before using the simulator. This is done by typing in your shell console :

hugrstore &

You can also launch

hugrweb &

it's an web application that permit you to monitor the variables values through a web browser at this default URL : http://localhost:8000.

Once the shared memory service is ready, you can launch the simulator by typing in your shell console :


The 3D engine will use the default environment data, which is the INRIA RA car park (if you correctly follow the installation instructions). Once the 3D engine is running, you get a new window with a modelised car park and the mgengine shell is prompted. This shell can be used to modifiy the behavior of the 3D scene objects (for more information, see below).

When using the simulator, you can use the mouse and navigate through 5 degrees of freedom (rotation around Y axis fordidden).

Just press one of the 3 mouse buttons and move without releasing it, you'll quickly figure out how to navigate.

Switch between views

By default, here are the predefined views you can use :

  • one attached to the front of the cycab: press c to get the view
  • one at the top of the scene: press t and you get an overview of the car park


You can interact with the 3D engine using the script shell prompted when you launched the command


Here are the four most helpfull commands :

  • help : print a list of available commands
  • list : print a list of objects loaded into the 3D engine
  • objectName.Help : every listed object given by list can invoke a Help “method” giving information on the available “methods” for the object. (Note that the script shell is case sensitive)
  • run foo.script : execute the foo.script file.
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