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Precompiled packages

This is the most simple way to install the simulator (it installs all related packages).
Currently packages are distributed for Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy), and Ubuntu (jaunty).
We are looking for new packages maintainers, if you have another distribution and you want to be the maintainer in charge of it contact us.

For Fedora users

Follow the procedure explained in the Sources paragraph below.

For Ubuntu users
For users using a Ubuntu distribution different from gutsy, see the Sources paragraph.
  • In file

    add the following lines either by editing it manually, or using the synaptic :

    deb[gutsy, jaunty]
    deb [gutsy, jaunty] main
  • Refresh the list of available packages :
    • using
      the synaptic button "refresh"
    • or typing in your shell
      sudo apt-get clean
    • apt-get install mgengine-dev mgengine-doc
    • apt-get install cycabtk-applications cycabtk-simulator cycabtk-structures-dev cycabtk-utils cycabtk-webplugins hugr hugr-iplimage hugroscope inria-ra-outdoor


  • For mgengine, you should install the software following these instructions, knowing that you must get the tagged module R2.
  • For the Cycab Toolkit sources, you can download and compile the sources available at the INRIA GForge Cycab ToolKit project on the “Files” tab.
    You should download cycabtk-inria-2.1 source package.
    Once downloaded, you should :
    1. Check the README file for more up-to-date compilations instructions.
    2. Read either the “Getting started” page, or the Howto-s to learn how to write your own application.

Post-install settings

After the installation, you should execute those scripts:

  •, installed by the inria-ra-outdoor package.
    • This script initializes mgengine config files and sets the paths to Inria outdoor data and/or cycabtk actors.
  •, installed by cycabtk-hugrwebplugins package.
    • This script installs a file to directory

      that indicates the paths to the hugrweb plugins.

Note : You may have to change one variable in your


There is no simple way to determine the path to Vera.tff font file, so you may have to edit the value of osd_font variable (on fedora, for example) before executing the script (it's a python file).

Dependency graph

Here is the package dependencies graph, to help you understand the dependencies between modules used in Cycab Toolkit.

Packages dependency graph

  • In purple, you can see the packages which can be found on the standard repository of popular linux distributions.
  • In blue, the packages you will get downloading the Cycab Toolkit packages.
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